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Photographer Robert Glenn Ketchum has generously donated use of his photos to help reveal the breadth and beauty of the NMWT land trust's area of concern in Southwest Alaska. To see an image of a location, click on a yellow square, or return to the main interactive map.

Nishlik Lake tributary, Wood-Tikchik State Park SW end of Nishlik Lake, Wood-Tikchik State Park Small lakes in vicinity of Upper Tikchik Lakes  Snowfield, Wood River Mountains Nishlik fork of Tikchik River Chikiminuk Lake Outflow of Milk Creek into Chikuminuk Lake Chikiminuk Lake looking East to West East End of Chikuminuk Lake Tundra and hills east of Chauekuktuli Lake Tikchik Mountains Tikchik Domes Tikchik Domes Tikchik River Southern Shore of Nuyakuk Lake near Tikchik Narrows Allen River between Chikuminuk Lake and Lake Chauekuktuli Shadow Bay - West End of Chauekuktuli Lake Wood River Mountains, Wood-Tikchik State Park Winter, Wood River Mountains Mountains at West end of Nuyakuk Lake East end of Nuyakuk Lake Sad Face Rock, South Shore of Tikchik Lake Nuyakuk Lake Nuyakuk Lake Nuyakuk Lake Nuyakuk River and Tikchik Lake, Wood-Tikchik State Park Nuyakuk Lake looking West South West Mirror Bay, Nuyakuk Lake Mirror Bay, Nuyakuk Lake Mirror Bay, Nuyakuk Lake West end, Nuyakuk Lake Cabin Cove, west end, Nuyakuk Lake South end of Nuyakuk Lake South end of Nuyakuk Lake Uplands by Grant Lake - Agimuk Mtn Grant River Falls and Grant Lake Peace River entering Lake Beverley River from Square Lake Square Lake between Nuyakuk Lake and Kulik Tundra Between Nuyakuk and Kulik Lakes Kulik Lake looking West toward Kulik Spires Kulik Lake Rainbow Basin between Silver Horn and Golden Horn Silver Horn Lake Nerka Lake Nerka Agulowak River Allen River Unnamed creek coming from Square Lake into Kulik Lake Near Tikchik Lake headwaters Tikchik Mountains