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Robert Glenn Ketchum's Southwest Alaska Books

Landscape photographer and conservationist Robert Glenn Ketchum has turned his award-winning photographic eye to Southwest Alaska in these two stunning books published by Aperture Press.

Both books will soon be available in a special slip-cased edition along with original,
signed photographs by the photographer, to help promote conservation projects of the Nushagak-Mulchatna Wood-Tikchik Land Trust. Please contact us to learn more.

Rivers of Life: Southwest Alaska, The Last Great Salmon Fishery (Aperture, 2001)

Robert Glenn Ketchum's rich vision of the remote Southwest Alaskan wilderness, spawning ground of the world's largest population of Sockeye salmon. 120 pages, consisting of many aerial photographs of this spectacular region from Iliamna Lake to the edge of the Bering Sea.

Bruce Hampton's comprehensive essays about this wilderness region portray its surreal beauty while explaining the natural history, politics and perils of one of the world's last wild salmon habitats.

E Magazine says: "With stirring words and stunning images that delight the eye, this book will educate and inspire."

Wood-Tikchik, Alaska's Largest State Park (Aperture, 2003)

Continuing his quest to document wild Southwest Alaska with magnificient images, Robert Glenn Ketchum turns to the 1.68 million-acre expanse of Wood-Tikchik State Park, the nation's largest state park and home to nearly one-third of all rivers in Southwest Alaska. If there is a water wonderland in the far north, this is it—home to vast populations of wild salmon and the incredibly rich environment they make possible.

Alaskan author Bill Sherwonit explores the park's history and discusses the great risk of commercial development in the large number of private land in-holdings within the park.